Tuesday, January 31, 2006

the soap squatter incident

just got back from a trek up cerro catedral (a ski resort just outside bariloche) to a refugio (a cabin that you can stay up in the mountains), called refugio frey, with beautiful views of mountain lakes and jagged peaks. heading out to mt. tronador tomorrow to do a 6 hour trek to another refugio, and will spend 2 nights up there.

had an interesting incident at the squatter at refugio frey. first squatter i've encountered on this trip. was using the squatter, one of two in the men's room, and before dropping off the kids, i put my soap dish on a pipe that carries the water for flushing. the guy in the next stall, flushed his squatter, and the pipes shook from his flushing action. my soap dish fell, with the soap in it, into the pool with the kids. needless to say, i did not try to save it by going in after it. this is not 'trainspotting', this is squatter reality. anyway, after writing this, i'm heading to the supermercado for groceries for tomorrow's trek and also to pick up a soap dish.


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