Wednesday, December 28, 2005

crossing over

in argentina now.
crossed over on christmas day.
spent christmas in iguassu falls. had christmas dinner with an australian girl, dutch girl, and an english guy. jesus would have been proud of the international good will during his birthday.

iguassu falls is incredible. 275 falls that you can hike above, right up to, and below on elevated catwalks. you can also do a boat ride into one of the falls. good wet fun, especially since it was around 98 degrees in the jungle....although, i don't think i'll get any sympathy from all the cold weather everyone else is getting.

also started work for the new travel guidebook. lots of work. i spent about 5 hours today transferring info onto the computer. i'm in buenos aires now, and will be here for about a month.

ok, enough computer. i'm gonna go get drunk.


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