Thursday, December 15, 2005

chuva chuva chuva

rain rain rain

since my last post, i spent saturday in the colorful and hip hill district of santa teresa in rio. CHUVA
on sunday i spent the day in santa teresa staying with a sculptor in her home (part of an artist bed and breakfast network). beautiful view of downtown, but CHUVA
on monday i spent the day stuck in the house reading until the afternoon when i went to the city center where i was met by, CHUVA.
took an overnight bus to ouro preto and arrived on tuesday morning. slept a bit then looked outside to CHUVA. it's a beautiful colonial hilltown with unesco world heritage. would have taken great pics, but too much CHUVA.
spent most of wednesday in a youth hostel in ouro preto. visited an old gold mine that went down 315 meters into the ground. guide only spoke portugese, but luckily this dutch guy i was with translated. couldn't really do much afterward since all day there was off and on CHUVA.
overnight bus from ouro preto to ilha grande. great island about 4 hours south of rio with no motorcars or motorbikes whatsoever. beautiful island that i'll explore on hikes tomorrow....that is if there is no CHUVA. today was mostly overcast, but with only a little CHUVA....internet cafe is playing OPP by naughty by nature. unimportant, just thought i'd point it out.

anyway, i can't complain. it could be worse, i could be stuck in a cubicle somewhere (no offense to anyone out there!)

chau chau


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