Tuesday, December 20, 2005

shooting hoops in paraty

in ilha santa catarina right now. haven´t had much chance to explore the island since i had an overnight bus ride last night, and i´m a little sluggish. just came in from paraty which is a neat little colonial town south of rio. their are a bunch of beaches accessible only by boat that we went to a couple of days ago to snorkel, hang out, and hang out somemore.
had my first foreign sport exchange in paraty the other night. ended up playing basketball with local brasilieros. we played their version of 21 which was a bit confusing at first, but i got it once we started playing. it was funny, i told them i was from the estados unidos, so when they explained things to me they started talking slowly. it didn´t matter whether they spoke 5 seconds per syllable, or a mile a minute, either way i didn´t understand. so i just nodded and tried to figure the game out. would have won the first game, but was confused by the rules. however, i properly represented the united states by winning the second game in dominant superpower fashion. i didn´t trash talk though, since they wouldn´t understand anything i said. so i just let my game and my air flip-flops do the talking.
i bailed out after that game, i was afraid they´d want to play futebol (soccer) afterwards which could result in strained relations between the u.s. and brasil.


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