Tuesday, January 03, 2006

¿yo soy facil?

been in buenos aires for a week now, and i really like the vibe and electricity of the city (minus the fucks who stole my bag - i still miss my sketchbook alot). the other thing is the women in buenos aires are beautiful....or maybe just, downright hot......
so i started my spanish immersion course this week.
the profesoras jump right into it, not speaking a word of english. i guess that's why they call it spanish immersion course. now, if you read the previous paragraph, you'll notice i alluded to the beauty of women here. this is no exception in school either, the profesoras are hot, the secretaria is hot....todos chicas bonitas.
anyway, in class today, we were learning adjectives and their opposites. one set that we learned was 'facil', meaning easy, and 'dificil', meaning difficult. the class and the profesora were discussing items that were difficult and easy. the teacher mentioned spanish, mentioned tango dancing, etc. on her 4th or 5th example, she looks at me and asks '¿yo soy facil?', which translates directly to, 'am i easy?'.
i turned beet red, nearly had a heart attack, stumbled with my words, before finally replying...'yo no se, pero mas o menos?'. 4 hours later, i am now back to earth, and i hope to find out later this week whether she is 'facil o dificil'.


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