Friday, December 30, 2005

getting my shit stolen

ok, i'm a minimalist.
i believe less is more.
and when i travel i usually don't travel with a lot of stuff.

i'm also always paranoid about my stuff.
which is why it really pisses me off, that i got taken today.
i put my bag down for a second. a guy distracted me and my friend by asking for directions, and someone else ran off with my bag. i feel so stupid for being gullible and not paying attention for a split second.

i had my camera stolen, my notes that i took for the travel guidebook writing, and my sketchbook. the camera can be replaced, but losing the notes, i lost about 2 days of work that i need to retrace in buenos aires. luckily, i entered all the info from iguazu falls online. the worst part is losing the sketchbook, because it means absolutely nothing to anyone else, is worth zero monetarial value, but it means a lot to me because it has my sketches, journal, and sentimental value from the beginning of this trip and from my trip to asia last winter. i don't know what bad karma brought this on, because i've been good lately. i only wish i could get back the sketchbook, because that stuff is irreplaceable.

anyway, anyone can be gullible at any time, and i've learned the hard way that letting your guard down for even a second, that professional thiefs can prey on you. i only hope karma bites them back with a big kick in the ass or a raging case of herpes.

i'm still enjoying buenos aires, but i'm just really pissed right now.


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