Thursday, January 26, 2006

i'm in patagonia

after almost 3.5 weeks in buenos aires, i've finally left. i was that addicted to the place.
i'm in puerto madryn in patagonia, and heading on a double-bus overnighter to bariloche in the lake district of the andes tonite.
puerto madryn is known for it's proximity to whale watching on peninsula valdes. unfortunately whales are here only from may to december. if you understand the way calendars work, you'll realize that i'm shit out of luck if i want to see these guys. however there's plenty of other wildlife to see. for example, we saw two sea elephants (they're similar to sea lions but bigger) having sex on a rock plateau on the sure. the males weigh around 4000 kilos, while the females weigh around 800-1000 kilos. the males are also on top. now, i'm not sure what kilos translates into the english measuring system, but if you can imagine, it's the equivalent of andre the giant doinking calista flockhart. i almost feel sorry for the female. also, the males usually have a harem of 5 or more chicas. if buddhism is true, it might not be a bad idea to pray to be a sea elephant in your next life...the weird part of the whole sea elephant sex deal besides not getting a room, is that one of the females' pups was right there during the whole thing. at that age, i think i'd be scarred for life seeing my folks doing that. oh well, i guess it's all part of procreation.

de todos modos, eso es todo por ahora.
chau for now....


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