Friday, January 13, 2006

in buenos aires still. me mucho gusto

finally got my camera, sketchbook, and bought a new bag.
so i'm back in business.
i've been in buenos aires for about 2 weeks now, and i think i'll stay for another week and a half. there's something electric about this place,
maybe it's the people out here who love to go out, have fun, and are always in the streets
maybe it's all the cafes and restaurants that spill in the street
maybe it's the attitude of being worldly and being the most important people in the earth
maybe it's the way the buildings in the street look more like paris than a south american city
maybe it's all the beautiful people here, especially las mujeres bonitas
maybe it's the genuine warmth of the people here, easy to give hugs and besos
maybe it's the way they talk spanish here, where it's more like italian with lots of hand gestures and the way they emphasize syllables and slur words
maybe it's the way this feels more like europe
maybe it's because the people here look more italian or spanish than latin american
maybe it's the broken pavements
maybe it's the dog shit in the street
maybe it's the vida nocturnal, staying up at discoteques till 7 in the morning
maybe it's eating dinner at 10 pm on the weekends and being early
maybe it's the fact that no cars have a catalytic converter, so the pollucion is nasty
maybe it's the smell of barbecued carne wafting in the air in san telmo even though i'm a vegetarian
maybe it's the sensual dance of the tango that oozes out of the milongas, the streets and all the porteƱo's blood
maybe it's the energy and electricity you feel just walking around and when going out at night
maybe it's just a comination of everything. either way, i think i'll stay a little while more. now off to a tango lesson, then a party, and finally a discoteque late tonite. unfortunately, i've gotta get up early for a day trip out to uruguay.....i might not sleep tonite, but at least i'll try to sleep on the boat to uruguay which takes 3 hours.............nos vemos


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