Friday, January 20, 2006

one week later, i'm still here

still in buenos aires.
today is my last day of spanish class.
i think i take off on monday, probably for puerto madryn along the coast. i think it's a 20 hour overnight bus ride. i really like it here in buenos aires. there's something infectious about it. it doesn't feel like your stereotypical south american city. the buildings and streets look like they belong in paris. some streets are cobblestone that remind me of rome. the people dress like they were in milan. the people look like they are italian or spanish. they party like in madrid till 7 in the morning.....even on weekdays. it's one of the most vibrant cities i've ever been to. there's an energy in the air, and the people are all warm and kind, not to mention beautiful. maybe i might have to come back here on this trip.
anyway, nothing new and exciting to write about. been to colonia, uruguay for a day, took a day trip up to tigre, which is a bunch of islands and canals 30 km north of the city. saw evita's mausoleum. have eaten a lot of sweets. been asked a million times by porteños here, "¿por que? ¿vos no come carne? ¿cual es comer?"
de todos modos, i'm off to run a bunch of errands before my last class. don't know how to end this, so i'll just say hasta luego.


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