Wednesday, September 06, 2006

i won today

everyday i walk to spanish school. i’m used to walking the sidewalks here in buenos aires where walking is never a simple task. the sidewalks are typically narrow and paved with tiles which are always broken, cars and busses aim to kill (sidewalks are still in bounds), a lot of people refuse to move over for you as you walk on by (i’ve been hip-checked here more than when i played hockey), and of course there is always, always, potential for stepping in dog shit. but this is all fine. it’s my fourth time in buenos aires this year, and i’m used to it.
but everyday when i walk down defensa towards school, about 3 blocks down, a sniper gets me. let me explain.
usually in the mornings, the shopkeepers here wash the sidewalks in front of their shops (refer to dog shit above). in front of the meat store where they wash their sidewalk, located 3 blocks from our apartment, the tiles are loose, and almost floating. but you can’t tell this when walking, and of course it’s a narrow sidewalk. so every morning when i walk to school and step on these loose tiles, water shoots up into my pants and onto my shoes. this happens to me everyday.
but not today.
today, i was one step ahead. instead of walking straight along the sidewalk, i walked to the left along the edge of the building. and thus the sniper was averted.
i’m onto you sidewalk in front of the meat shop.
i will not be taken again.

...and you know what, Dónde está Ché Pelotas?


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