Thursday, August 31, 2006

retraction 101

today’s entry is a lot less emotional than yesterdays (of course it is, i don’t think i can get more emotional than i did yesterday). i decided to retract yesterday’s entry, because in hindsight, yes maybe it wasn’t the best thing to do.
i think i’m an emotional person to say the least, and at times i’ve got a fire under my belly that explodes. (god knows my mouth has gotten me in trouble in the past) yesterday’s entry was not an attack on anyone, it was me going off on a tangent. it was also not the opinion of global transmission as a whole. i’m a very opinionated person, and sometimes when i start writing about a subject, i just start going off on a tangent, and blogs to me sometimes become personal journals. but i do feel that a lot of times when working in a creative medium, one becomes restricted or constrained by the powers that be. and honestly, i’m taking great pride in this project that is global transmission and the fact that we’re expressing our creativity here. i feel like we’re doing something great here, and i know all of the team members bring something special to the table. in hindsight, it wasn’t the greatest thing to have posted, and it doesn’t reflect on me well (or global transmission). it was strictly my opinion, and i appreciate the comments that were made (including you mom). i have several excuses that i could mention for why i posted it (not reasons for why i wrote it, or why i but i don’t like making excuses for things that i’ve done.
with that being said i apologize to anyone i offended or upset. i mean that sincerely.
now i’m going to go back to my normal blogging if that’s ok. had a great interview for the “M____ de ____ _______a” piece we’ve been working on today. do you have any idea who this is we’re interviewing?!?!?

and yes, it seems that there’s a buzz going around buenos aires right now about, Dónde está Ché Pelotas?


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