Thursday, August 24, 2006

Night Out at the Theater in Buenos Aires

El Choque Urbano: Fabricando Sonidos @ El Cubo, Abasto, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Went out to a cool theater performance with a group of students from our language school and Marcelo, one of our instructors. It was the final perfomance of El Choque Urbano: Fabricando Sonidos at the El Cubo in the Abasto part of town. The show was Stomp meets Blue Man Tubes meets Burning Man with a dash of City of Lost Children (Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 1995). They spoke in Argentinean Spanish of course and gibberish (I think) but I was able to follow the story of power and corruption acted out mostly with percussion instruments and zany, clownish action. They made music out of everything from their own bodies to pots and pans, plastic containers of all sizes, oil drums, basketballs, PVC pipe and even plastic shopping bags. Though some of the acting was a bit “over-acted” in my opinion, these folks were talented. Made me sad to be missing Burning Man this year. For those who are going to Burning Man, check this out.


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