Sunday, August 20, 2006

Work and Play the Global Transmission Way

Contrary to popular belief (as well as in response to some comments from certain Global Transmission related family members), work is being done here in Global Transmission BsAs. Here are some project shoot photos taken on location:

Our cameraman during a shoot atop the Panamericano looking down Avenida 9 de Julio…….hmmm, maybe not the best shot to start off with.

Interview during one of our top secret pieces we’re working on. We’d tell you the details, but it will probably leak on the internet before I have time to explain.

The Argentine Revolutionary Ché Guevara. ‘Hasta la Victoria Siempre’

Indoor and Outdoor photos of Global Transmission Headquarters in Buenos Aires.

But yes, all work and no play makes Global Transmission a dull boy. We went out last night, but had to head back early from the club at 5 AM because of a shoot today. Here are some shots from the evening:
El Tirador meets Don Nico for the first time. Don Nico is our leader, see here for more info.

Don Nico invited us to a private birthday party for this guy here seen with Chupetín and Ché Pelotas. Can’t remember his name since the Don introduced us to a plethora of portenas, and our brain cells are only capable of remembering female names.

Does anyone know what Ché Pelotas hand is doing?

Hottie waitress artsy type stuff.

Final work shot of the day. Shot taken over El Tirador’s shoulder of the Sunday Markets in Plaza Dorrego outside our front steps.

But still, the question on everyone's mind is, Dónde está Ché Pelotas?


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