Friday, August 18, 2006

team global transmission assembles in voltron formation

life at global transmission is not all parties and global groupies. contrary to popular belief, we actually try to provide the biggest and best film and media production even if that means accumulating a debt rivaling the u.s. government. today, the last member of global transmission, andrew burke, a.k.a ‘el tirador’, arrived at ezeiza airport in buenos aires with 'el negro'. after that, we had our first true production meeting today at libeer, a new organic restaurant here in san telmo. it was our second time there because it’s got good, cheap food, a quiet, large space good for production meetings, and a hot waitress who needs to attend our second party next friday. again, we never lose focus on important business items here at global transmission. in minor business items, we discussed projects this month in buenos aires, as well as projects over the next few months in south america, asia, and india.
in the afternoon, we went out with ‘el negro’, the tirador’s high tech camera, and did a sunset time lapse shoot of avenida 9 de julio from high atop the panamericano hotel, a 5-star hotel that we obviously fit in well to. here’s a team shot from high above buenos aires, and the beautiful, yet cold sunset photo.
global transmission team kicking it porteño style

sunset amongst 5 men. nothing gets better than that

in other news, for the first time in my 8 months of travelling the world, i have gotten sick with a fever. hopefully i get better tomorrow, because ‘don nico’ has a very special assignment for us tomorrow at 1 am in a bar in palermo hollywood. we do whatever don nico tells us, and i must have my strength for the don’s intentions.
going back to production shoots, the one thing that everyone asked us today while we were shooting was, ‘donde esta che pelotas?’ (where is che pelotas?). stay tuned.


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get to work!

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get to work!


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