Thursday, August 17, 2006

i have seen the light

the first agenda item on the global transmission list of goals has been completed. last evening we had our global transmission welcoming fiesta. we had many friends old and new attend. we were graced with friends from back in the states as well as some of our porteño friends. everyone loved the food, the atmosphere, the apartment and the drinks. but the true man of the hour was our leader, our godfather, our 'jefe', our lord, our god, our porteño savior, 'don nico'. we asked everyone to bring a little something to the party, such as a small appetizer or drinks. our godfather 'don nico' brought 6 beautiful porteña women. he was even nice enough to have them show up in 30 minute intervals, that way our eyes wouldn't completely burst out of our eye sockets. he came in wearing a suit and green tie, and now the global transmission team have adopted this as our new official team uniform. we have seen the light.
as far as party logistics, i cooked the vegetarian meals and appetizers, while ché pelotas wowed everyone with his parílla skills. it was very humbling, since many of the porteña women there said they were not used to seeing men cook. one lovely, beautiful mujer even said, 'you need to come to my house and teach me how to cook'. after a brief cardiac arrest, and once i regained my heartbeat, i replied in a soft, subtle, suave tone, 'ok'. i then proceeded to go into another heart attack. i need to go to see a medic to see if there is any permanent damage to my cardio vascular system.
here is a photo of the aftermath:

but my friends, global transmission isn't all business. besides having fiestas in our san telmo apartment, today we start scouting out some possible shoots, including going out to see the 'madres de plaza de mayo'. they are a group of mothers who have been marching in quiet, silent protest every thursday for the last 30 years, bringing awareness to their children who were abducted during the 'dirty war'. tomorrow, our fourth member andrew arrives with our hot shot camera. then the games will begin.
until then, keep reading, and get your ass down here for our next party.
chau, suerte!


At 5:41 PM, Blogger Theodora said...

Get to work!

At 6:45 PM, Blogger Zipponiko said...

From now on i´ll accept that nickname! hahaha, what a first night buddys! be prepared for a wild and fabolous month in Buenos Aires...!!


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