Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Scientific Formula behind Global Transmission explained at Fiesta II

We just had our second fiesta. Here’s the invite in case you missed it.

For our second party, we finally figured out the scientific formula for having a good time at a Global Transmission Party.

The hypothesis is (2G)xGa=GT(2)
(or (Guns+Girls)xGrain alcohol=Global Transmission Good Times)

Until someone can prove this hypothesis incorrect, I’ll assume our theory works.

Once again we were blessed at the party by Don Nico. We all know that he’s the Capo de Tutti Mafia. Here he is in action doing the 2 things he does best:

and giving massages.

Do you remember when Elvis shot the TV when it was pissing him off?
The light in the kitchen was pissing me off so I took it out.
“Killing ain’t fair, but someone’s gotta do it” Tupac Shakur

Also captured on camera at the party was the scientifically proven right down to the millisecond exact moment in time climactic peak, happiest point in El Tirador's life. The following photo is proof positive. Unfortunately everything else in El Tirador's life after this photo is all downhill. In this shot, he's with Mariana (Maru) and Ana. At our first fiesta last week, they were my 2 favorite girls who attended.

Actually, they were my favorite girls at the second party as well.

Awwwhhhh, fuck it. They’re my 2 favorite girls of all time.

But still, the buzz question at the party was, Dónde está Ché Pelotas?


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