Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Guerrilla Lighting at its Best

Lighting has been a real challenge down here. We did not bring any lighting gear with us aside from a flex bounce, an extension cord and three three-prong to two-prong adaptors so we have been scrambling. I spent a whole afternoon trying to find Chinatown in order to buy these two paper China balls (picture above) but now we can’t find light fixtures to put in them. The strongest lamps (bulbs) I can find are 150w. We find ourselves using whatever can be found on the various locations which is very problematic:

1. There are not many outlets in apartments in BA
2. There are three different types of outlets and they don’t match our equipment
3. All the lights are different color temperatures
4. The electricity is dodgy
5. Ceilings are really high so lights are far away
6. Many permanent lights and fixtures don’t work

But we have managed so far as you can see from the other photo. Lots of human “light stands.”


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