Wednesday, September 06, 2006

More Production stills

Argentine graffiti artist Roma spraying a piece in the city.

Roma's tools and sketch of the project.

Argentimes journalist Charlie writing a story about dog walking in Argentina. We are doing a story on his experience. Truth: we can barely keep up with his stride and that of his dog walking instructor, Fabricio, a local photo journalist who walks over twenty dogs, five days a week, making more money than many local lawyers.

Andrew waiting for the dogs and their walkers to come.

Ren and Alex interviewed Carlos "Calica" Ferrer, childhood friend and traveling partner of Che Guevara.I was holding the bounce (white fabric to bounce light) and, while Andrew was on camera, he took a pigeon drop to the head. Hazards of the trade.
I was writing an article for Videomaker magazine during the graffiti piece. Though it's in the 90's in most of the States, its near freezing some of the days down here. Cold.


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