Monday, February 06, 2006

finally some photos below

still in bariloche, and think i'm gonna leave tomorrow. i've just been very comfortable here in a beautiful mountain lake setting. have done a couple of treks up to refugios (cabins with dorms to sleep in - similar to colorado mountain huts if your familiar) cerro catedral and also one up to monte tronador, which was incredible. the refugio is between two glaciers with monte tronador in the background. i did those treks last week, and in the past two days, me and some folks in the hostel have played about 12 hours a day, the card game 'shithead'. i justify that since i did some big hikes last week, i can veg out for awhile. however, the card games are getting more and more intense, that i think it's a sign that i need to move on. anyway, i've got some photos of the trip, sans card games, of places i've visited in brazil and argentina below. hope you enjoy -------


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