Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rajasthani Poetry

A 24 hour train ride from Varanasi to Jaipur that was 6 hours late, allows one much time for creative reflection and introspection.
Please allow me to indulge you in poetry and prose, with a few selected haikus that I wrote on my journey to Rajasthan.
Please enjoy.

Waiting on Trains
Nothing is on time
When will this train get going
I've lost all patience

Morning on the Marudhar Express train
Can't get any sleep
Little snotty kids shut up
Miss, control your brats

Bollywood Movies
Dance Sing Dance Sing Dance
World's biggest film industry
No need for plot line

The Best Hindu God
My favorite god
Walks with cut off head in hand
Destroyer Kali

Chana Masala
Chana Masala
I love your chickpea goodness
With naan I'm in love

Street Food
Delicious and cheap
Samosas, Bhel puri, yum!
Uh-oh, need toilet

Indian Head Nod
Indian head nod
Does that mean yes, no, or maybe?
All of the above

Clogged Streets
Traffic jam again
Is it from too many cars?
No, damn cows in road

450 Days with the Same Clothes
Clothes falling apart
I wish I knew how to sew
Both pants, holes in crotch

Dónde está Ché?
Where are you Ché Pelotas?
Dónde está Ché?


At 10:46 PM, Blogger tturner said...

Indian tailor
One on every street corner
Cost you five rupees

What up foolio?
Don't show your damn turkey legs
Through your pants crotch hole

At 2:07 AM, Blogger ::rentastic:: said...

Out of principle
Have to wait till U S A
Breeze feels good on leg


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