Tuesday, February 13, 2007

To my dearest ____________________ ,

the taj mahal viewed from my hotel/shithole in agra. the view is worth the exorbinant $5 a night.

The other day while walking out of the 'Baby Taj' (different monument, smaller than the real thing), a 5 year old barefoot boy (who also happened to step in fresh cow dung while walking.......this didn't phase him), begged me for money. I tend to avoid paying beggars since it doesn't do any good for the entire economic system, and would rather give my money to causes that go direct to the people. But anyway, I'm not a cold hearted snake. I walked with the kid, playing with him for about 10 minutes. I taught him the dissapearing thumb trick which kept him fascinated the entire time.
And it's moments like this, that I feel that maybe I've touched so many lives around the world. It's also on these same precise moments that I generally miss the lives that have touched me.
**this entry is dedicated to you**
a hindi offering on a bridge with a colorfully polluted river serving as a backdrop.
as always, my thoughts are with you while I travel, and our thoughts are with Dónde está Ché Pelotas?

ps. here's a bonus photo. Incredible ruins make me so excited that I pee in my pants.


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