Monday, January 08, 2007

this week in kathmandu

this week at the tibetan refugee center --
so far, all the kids have been great. they're all eager to work on art projects, and they're always happy to see me when i walk into the refugee center.
one of the art projects we did this week was play-doh. check out some of the things these kids the way, that sporty red mercedes was my creation.

sorry about the glare from the scotch tape.

but of course, there's always a few bad apples. this little 3 year old is either hot or cold. he's either cute and adorable, or he's throwing rocks and spitting at you. here i caught him in one of his nicer moments.

of course, i have to remind myself, that many of these kids have left their homeland, and probably will never see their parents again. their life as a refugee, is way harder than i can imagine. so i think i can cope with a few rocks thrown from a 3 year old.

every day, when i walk to the reception center, i pass this temple swayanabhu. in the morning it's misty, and in the afternoon, it's usually clear. and at all times, there are monkeys running around.
here's a shot of a buddha at the bottom of the hill, with and without monkeys

swayanabhu is at the top of the hill. here are the last steps to the top.

monkeys up here too

girl spinning prayer wheels

butter lamps

over the weekend, i took a day trip out to bhaktapur, one of the 3 holy cities in the kathmandu valley. if you can name the other two, i'll give you a cookie.
shots of nyatapola temple and the guards in front
nyatapola is the tallest temple in nepal. if you can name the next tallest, i'll give you a brownie.
intricate wood carving on a door panel
not sure what the guard dog signifies, but here's the first statue you see leading up to siddi lakshmi temple.
common sight, kids playing in front of a temple
lots and lots of clay pots

and you know how this all ends, Dónde está Ché Pelotas?


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