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cows, auto rickshaws, bicycle rickshaws, motorbikes, typical traffic in DelhiFor those of you that have been to India, you know of the sensory overload that handicaps all of your senses. The intensity is something that can't be described in words, but needs to be experienced to fully appreciate and comprehend. I might be a bit desensitized from the shock factor from seeing other third world countries, but it seems that with India (and Delhi in particular), everything is full-on, volume blasting, turned up beyond reach at all times. Here's the best way I can describe Delhi in words:

ohmygodthe beepinghorns ::beggarsbegging everywhere24/7::thepovertythepollution::man the food isssssoooogood and sooooocheap::is there a pausebutton ::jesuschrist, what'sthat smell??rottingsewage, corpse, or crap::doesthatfallintothe category of unknown::can someone lower the volume::ohmygod**thebeepinghorns**::hindu-muslim-sikh-buddhist-jainism-christian-choose your weapon::motorcycles,rickshaws,and cars oh my::ohhhhh,that dog hastwobrokenlegs::beggar missinglimbs crawling on4stumps forappendages::need a trash can...ohh,justtossitinthestreet::howwww many people live inthat shack??::@@crows@@circling overhead alllllthetime::ohhh, an elephant on a major road, makessense::ohmygod**theBEEPINGhorns**awwwcrap, a pigeon just shatonme::ummmmm that masalasmellsgoooood::coffee=nescafeshite masala chai(tea)=bliss::Midnight in an Alley-7Cows+3Dogs are devouring something in the street^^so that you^^can'tgetby::no i don't want to buy anything, NO i don't want to buy anything, NO I DON'T WANT TO BUY ANYTHING!!#**!!but hey look, some whiteeuros, bug them::so many people somanyindians::ohmygoooodddddthebeepingHORNS::a parade in the middle of the highway, no wonder why they're **beeping** ::more whitepeople with dreads than indians::thatcouldhavebeenthe T a s t i e s t meali'veeverhad and allforlessthanadollar::hmmmm, can you getTYphoid from a TOIlet?::no i don't want to just look, I'MNOTBUYING::hippieshippieshippies::the COCKROACHES onthetable aren't going to be in my FOOD, are they??::India time = slow service *therefore, sit down, it might be aaawwwhiillllle::the IndianHeadNod = yes/no/maybe/and i don't know = all at the same time::O h M y G o d T h e B e e p i n g H o r n s::uhhuh, that man isWalkingDownTheStreet with just a torntatteredpieceofcloth with hisss assshangingout::sewerdrainclogged moutainoftrashonttopofsewergrate noproblem::don'tTOUCHme isaidDON'TTOUCHME,i'mAIN'TBUYINGSHIT::Whereyoufrom?Whereyoufrom?HeyMisterWhereyoufrom?::ohdoggs,please stophavingsex, we don't need anymore puppiesinthiscountry::OK,a cow is BLockiNG the DooR to my hotEL::Tourist Dead GiveAway-CameraAroundNeck,ConvertibleShortPantTrousers,LonelyPlanetInHand,5BarefootedKidsChasingThemFor20Minutes Begging4Money::ohmygodthebeepinghorns::**hashish**hashish**hashish**do you wannabuy**hashish**::listen, i just want to buy a train ticket, can't you just help me out?::jessus, every leader named GANDHI has beenassasinated::everyTVhasCricket on it::I can't believe he's walkingbarefootonthisstreet!?!::snotsblack-eyesburning::ohmygodthosef**kkkinghorns::fireworksagain tonight,butwhy?::ok,if you can't help with this, is there anyone of the other 1.1 billion people in this country WHO CAN?:: w o w the g a r d e n s in the r e d f o r t are a s e r e n e * o*a*s*i*s*::excuse me, how do theseCOWStolerate the beepinghorns?::AHA!so this istheplace that I"M talking to when i Call my $$bank$$ or CRED$T CARD$Compan$$::CASTEsystemiscrazy, talk about beingSTUCK::IWANTTOLOOKUP but must look down where i step::The Bazaars are beautiful, colorful, intimate, so full of life::can't find alcohol after11:30pm##now, that'sINSANE#@#!%::c'mon man, must you d~e~f~e~c~a~t~e right there::i'vebeentravelling toooloong`I'm getting used to the beepinghorns::sadhussadhussadhus::indian women withblue*e*y*e*s are b`e`a`u`t`i`f`u`l::manthis blanketsmeelllss like bodyodor::howMANYgodsarethereinyourRELIGION?::canDIRTmoleculesSELFregenerate?::thisisVEGETARIANHEAVeN::Finally!!someone here to help me out.....whatdoyoumean!#!i'm!!?in!#thewrongoffice!!!::~~yes~~icanhearyou+~~yes~~i'mignoringyou+NO idon'twant to buy ANYTHING::It's actually not that intense when you're in the middle of it::that sintar and tabla sound b e a u tiii full---wish the autorickshawsmotorbikesbussesandcars would stop beepingtheir HORNS so i could HEAR it::WOW,now that's what i call a GhettO::OOPS, almost steppedincowmanure~~mental~~always look downwhenwalking out of ^^hotel^^::bindihennabrownskin**beautiful**::just sit back, relax, and watch and absorb it all,,,it's better than television::man this place is a messss when it rains:: e v e r y t h i n g i s a l i v e +++ i f e e l a l i v e ::crossing the steet is##highrisk##sport::sarisarisari::I know the cricket match is on the television, but i just want to buy a train*ticket**::lassilassilassi::oh that's nice, thebeepinghorns are a naturalalarmclock so i won't miss mytrain::neitherfleshnorblood but a wholedifferentdimension::WoW, i can't categorize that EXperience within the 5knownsenses ~~~mustbe m.nightshamlayan sixthsense~~~ ::youthinktrafficsbad in your home - HA!::at least the power doesn't go out everyday like other countttr.....xx...GREAT~thepower just went OUT!::can you get AIDS fromabathroomsink?::India+China=1/3oftheworld's POPUlation::Everythinhapensofastnfurious mymentalcamera can'tkeeepup::you guys have the greatest godds-PurpleElephantsWithManyHands - MonkeyMen - andSTRAIGHTUP hell raisers likeShivaAndKali~~youshureurnotonacid?::Ohhhh, forget the #@!#! train, I'll just WALK::iknow that was a mouse thatran acrossmyroom.......rats are bigger::thatpackof doggs ismorelike a gang::ohhh,i'veseeeen worrssse...NOWAITaSecond, maybe i haven't:: i t i s s o * * b * e * a * u * t * i * f * u * l * * :: phew, that was an interesting 24 hours :::::::::::::::::

the backbone of Delhi society, tho auto rickshaw (a.k.a. tuk-tuk in Thailand)
Islamic facade detail at the Qutb Sinar
this was an odd scene, these ladies in beautiful saris were fishing for empty plastic bottles about 40 below this dried out well. Had no idea why.
the Muslim area of Delhi near the Moti Masjid, the largest mosque in India
a cow pausing for contemplation on the streets of Delhi as traffic whizzes by in delhi
he was probably contemplating,Dónde está Ché Pelotas?


At 1:29 PM, Blogger morgan said...

Love that last cow photo. Keep it coming.

Have you gotten, "One school pen?" yet? Have you got the bobble head down yet. Have you seen vultures in the trees in New Delhi? "What is your good name?"

Ah, I miss it.


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