Sunday, February 18, 2007

traveling while at home (almost home)

The trick to traveling when you are not traveling is to pretend you are traveling. I realized this when I was living in New York City back in the 90's. I had just returned from Europe (I think) and thought to myself, "Damn, New York City would be a great place to travel if I didn't live here." So I just pretended I didn't live there and went to museums once a week and did things travelers would do.

And that is what I am doing now. Been in St. Louis for close to three months editing the 12 documentaries we shot in South America. And every once and a while, I let myself go outside my sister's front door and travel.

Here, my friend Rachel and three of her four dogs are taking me down to the Mississippi River to look for bald eagles. Wasn't too difficult. They were everywhere. And they are big. Real big.

My shoulder, Marco, Mason and Rachel on our way to the Mississippi River

Saul not doing a good job of keeping his sweater dry

Eagle before we bothered him/her

Eagle after we entered its personal space


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