Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Shout Outs at T-minus 24 hours

This is my last full day here in BsAs. But before I go, I wanted to give some shout outs to some of the people that I was blessed to meet down here. Of my four stays here in BsAs, this has definitely been the best. I wish I had photos of everyone, but here are some of the great portenos that I met and I hope to see again in the near, near future.

Don Nico and Mariana. The Don, what else is there to say…….well maybe I could say “Gwow!” or “Eez okay”.

The director of EBA Trust Spanish school, Eduardo “El Tiburon” Renebaldi who basically was the greatest host we could have hoped for. He opened his school to us for filming, acted in “Donde Esta Che Pelotas”, set us up with a major interview for “Mito del Che”, and was always there to lend a hand. Gracias, suerte…..By the way, is that shooter high right?

One of my Spanish teachers Cecilia who acted in a scene from “Donde Esta Che Pelotas”. She also drove a car at the same time playing the role of a chauffeur. Nothing but top notch talent down here.

At one of our parties, one of our other Spanish teachers, Laura on the left, also appeared in a scene from “Donde Esta Che Pelotas”. She also attended our last two parties and was there till the end……in fact we had to kick her out, she wouldn’t leave. Just kidding Laura. Mi casa es su casa. Also in the shot is Flor, Mariana sin cara, and Don Nico, Che’s jefe in “Donde Esta Che Pelotas”.

Our Pelotas girls who acted in Scene III of “Donde Esta Che Pelotas”. Generally speaking, all the Argentines knew their lines and acted like pros. They were on time, lines were placed at correct marks, and so on. At Global Transmission, we tend to improvise our lines depending on feel, chemistry, and our natural talented improvisation.
That, or maybe we’re a bunch of hungover idiots incapable of memorization or getting our lines straight.
::::Maintain your distance, watch your backgrounds::::

Some of our party pics. Shout out to Martina at about 11 o’clock who we just met this last party. She had the perfect American accent that kept screwing me up. Thanks for the art gallery opening invite. I’m a sucker for fine art and free booze. Also people of note in the shot, Don Nico, Manu, Flor, Mariana, Tini, and Faye. I hope I got all your names right.

Shooter up.

This is Loli who was at our first two parties. I swear to God I thought she was an Irish-American. But nope, she’s an Irish-Argentine. Che blarney.

This is Manuela, my favorite person that I met down here. She had the greatest energy and personality, attended two of our parties, the opera, and just was super fun to hang around. Muy expresiva. As soon as I find the time to finish editing a couple of pieces, finish travelling the world, and do my laundry, I’m gonna buy her a ring and ask her to marry me. I hope FedEx is cheap from Asia to Argentina.

and of course, a shout out to my homeboys of Global Transmission. Keep spreading the seed, and I’ll see you cats out in India this winter. Fo’shizzle my Glo’bizzle.

But the one thing I’m going to miss most is, Dónde está Ché Pelotas?


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