Monday, September 11, 2006

once again, i will be limping out of buenos aires

my time here in buenos aires is winding down. and everytime i say i’m leaving here, somehow i come back. i think this time though, i will probably be gone for awhile. but to all the great portenos i’ve met, please visit me soon wherever in the world i may be.
i'm serious.
please visit.
you know who you are. i'm calling you out.
i'm sure we'll have weekly global transmission parties there as well.
well then, good. it's decided. global transmission fiestas en todo el mundo.

i was just thinking earlier this evening, of my eight months in south america, i’ve been in buenos aires for about 9 of those weeks.


i must say, i do have this love/hate relationship with this city. but it’s similar feeling i have to other great cosmopolitan cities. to me, the most exciting places are never plain, or sterile, or in the middle of the road. i feel that they need to be a bit on edge, a bit dirty, a bit worn, to have some sort of authenticity to it. buenos aires definitely has that. i also think the city needs a personality, needs a bit of an attitude, and buenos aires has that. there’s an electricity here that’s hard to describe without witnessing it first hand. perhaps it’s the vampire lifestyle of eating lots of meat, staying out till sunrise (our last party ended at 5 am, and some people at the party were just about to go out), and gorging on sweets for breakfast…..i think vampires like sugar, but i need to fact check this. anyway, i wrote this in my past blog when i was first here back in january that sums up my love/hate list of things for buenos aires. it's a two part epoch series of a blog post, with the first version, i'd like to call the 'iliad' here, and the second one i'd like to call the 'odyssey' located here. 'war' and 'peace' were already used by somebody else's blog.

in my past blog, i also wrote about my mad passionate love affair that i had during my first trip to argentina. and yes, this steamy relationship continued during this past visit. anyway, if you’re into reading about my personal life or general smut, go here

well, still lots of work to do right till the end on global transmission missions, so i must hitherto henceforth go. but before i do, here’s a shot of the next big bandeon player shot right here in buenos aires….

….who one day will be playing for this couple in a milonga.

i also heard that che pelotas has a posse.
Dónde está Ché Pelotas?


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