Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Box of Hard Drives is In

This was a huge effort, not to mention a serious hit to the treasure chest (sorry, its international Talk Like a Pirate Day), but with the help of many, we are now making movies on the move with 1.92 terabits of external hard drive space (2.144 TB if you count our internal drives, thumb drives, and MP3 players). Sorry, geeking out here but Andrew and I are very happy. We'll get back to you after carrying all of this hardware on our backs for an extended period and tell you how excited we are then.

Here is a blurry shot of some of the paper work. Some said it would take us six hours at customs out at the International Airport, others said two days. But with Mateo's Spanish and a few flashes of the pearly whites, we did it in one hour (or two hours door to door).

But just so you know, we had to go from Security -> room #2 -> room #1 -> room #3 -> the warehouse -> room #3 -> room #2 -> room #1 -> room #3 -> room #1 -> loading dock #4 -> security. Sign on the X, five different spots, in triplicate (remember carbon copies), get a stamp from room number two, get a form from room number one, go to room number three so the guy playing solitaire on his computer can ask you if you are with CNN or National Geographic.

There were many steps but every single person greeted us with a smile. I was surprised.

Here be all the booty (Talk Like a Pirate Day, 'member).

And the gear in action, just minutes after ripping it from its bubble wrapped shipping womb.

This was all possible due to the hard work of:

- Vân Nguyen
- Kathy Paar
- Thea Paar (and I'm sure Rolando Torio was roped into doing something)
- Mark Montgomery (and I'm sure others at Videomaker magazine)
- Eduardo “El Tiburon” Renebaldi, director of Estudio Buenos Aires (and appearing in the upcoming film Dondé Está Che Pelotas)
- Andrew Burke and Mateo Hinojosa of GTM

Thanks all!


At 6:54 PM, Blogger mediathumb said...

I'm so glad it made it in one piece. Had I more time I would have slipped in some jelly bellies for you, Morgan. Next package, I guess.

At 7:04 PM, Blogger morgan said...

Mark... oops, mediathumb, you are the man!

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At 10:26 AM, Blogger Theodora said...

2nd time made it to the blog!


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