Thursday, September 14, 2006

24 hours in San Francisco

I'm in transit, spending 24 hours here in SF (hope my health insurance company isn't reading this...)

Heading out to China tomorrow morning at 6 AM for a long redeye to the Far East (and no shooter, I won't be back in BsAs in a couple of weeks......well, maybe in a month). Going to try to do China without a guidebook. I'm guessing it shouldn't be too tough, it's not like I won't understand them. It's not as if they're speaking Chinese or something.
Anyway, see you in the eastside, and thanks to all the readers of our journal. It seems as if we're getting quite a following, and I'm glad you're all interested in our whereabouts, our well-being, and our work.
Thank you all, and godspeed.

Oh before I forget, Dónde está Ché Pelotas?


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