Thursday, April 27, 2006

shout outs

3 days cutting across peru to get from la paz to loja, ecuador.
2 planes, 3 busses, and one psycho bus driver in ecuador.
i've left the gringo trail going through bolivia into peru, and getting onto a new gringo trail, although this one doesn't seem as gringo-ey. i was the only westerner on the border crossing bus. speaking of border crossing, peruvian customs gave me some trouble crossing the border into ecuador. i think they thought i was smuggling contraband or something, since i was only in peru for 3 days, and came from bolivia.
anyway, i have to give a shot out to emerson from cape cod who i travelled with for about 3 weeks (and also to his novia, genvieve who left early a couple weeks back). it was good travelling with him, his vitamin I addiction, and his south american psychedelic 60's records that he picked up. the band 'pintura fresca' from 60's argentina is my fave. check out his blog ((right here)) which has some photos of us from our recent travels.
also, a shout out to nicola who i met on the antarctica trip and hung out with for a week in sucre and la paz. unfortunately she broke her ankle in uyuni, and got a cast in bolivia which actually made things worse, then had emergency surgery in cusco, peru 2 weeks later, and now has to fly home. suck. ((here's her story on her blog)). the details, including a couple of shots in the ass from a bolivian doctor, are epic. anyway, here's some photos she took in ((sucre)) including a few of yours truly, and some of her ((antarctica)) shots.
it was fun travelling and spreading the gospel of shithead with you both.


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