Tuesday, April 25, 2006

back in la paz

back in la paz, bolivia, the highest capital in the world. great orange city sitting in a crater below the altiplano surrounded by snow capped peaks. here's some photos below, and here are some from ((((((2.5 years ago))))))

some sort of military procession during santa semana (holy week) the night before easter

an aymara lady and a chicken

llama fetuses in the witches market used for medicinal purposes.

this guy i met in the jungle withdrew $400 usd's, and this is what he got spit out of the atm. doesn't look real, doesn't feel real, and i hope he can get his money back from the national bank of bolivia. if you look close, the bill even says 'SIN VALOR LEGAL' which obviously means not legal tender. supposedly there's a lot of fake us dollars in the monetary system here. i hope he gets his money back, but why the hell was he taking 400 usd's out to begin with??


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