Tuesday, April 04, 2006

ahhh, back in bolivia again

crossed over the argentine border, and now in tupiza, bolivia. also, here are some photos i took in mendoza with pals emerson and genvieve while wine tasting in mendoza. go to their blog here to see.
it's nice to be in a place that feels more authentic south american than pseudo-europeo. the people are more indigenous here, also wearing traditional quechuan indian clothing, the place looks and smells third world with all the usual street stalls, markets, and mud brown brick buildings. the people here are also really warm and friendly, and the vibe here feels just right. the town of tupiza is between terracotta brown mountains in the desert. it's dirt cheap here too, so that's also a bonus.
heading out tomorrow to do the salar de uyuni 4day tour to see desert hills, flamingoes and the famous salt flats.
it's nice to back in bolivia again.


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