Saturday, March 04, 2006

doing the w in torres del paine

just did the 5 day trek called the "w" in torres del paine, chile.
it`s called that because the trek is the shape of a "w". you go up 3 valleys and come back down. i guess depending on how you look at it, it could also be called the m, or the E, or the 3. but looking at a map with north being up, it looks like the letter w....actually, it looks more like a saggy butt.

we took an aggressive route, and could have actually finished the trek in 4 days, but it was nice to do less hiking the last 2 days. after 5 days, we both smelled like ass. my socks got wet the last day, so the smell would make paint peel off of walls. the smell of the bus filled with backpackers heading back into town after the hike made my eyebrow hairs fall off.

anyway, the trek was incredible. beautiful glacial lakes, turquoise in color that almost looked polluted, glaciers, soaring peaks, stone towers over lakes, condors flying above, and all that other general beautiful nature stuff. highly recommend if you`re down here.

i`m in punta arenas chile for one day before crossing back over the border to argentina. going to ushuaia, the end of the world. will try to find a cheap ticket to antarctica if i can. depends on price, and how much time i`ve got to wait. would be nice to knock off the toughest continent of the list, and also to see some incredible wildlife.

anyway, i showered yesterday after the trek, and it was a religious experience. water looked like hot chocolate in the shower. ok, gonna eat some lunch. nos vemos.


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