Thursday, February 23, 2006

why i f*ng travel

travel is the best f- you that you can say to the world.
basically saying f- you, you're now living on my terms.
f- you to phone calls, to having to respond to calls, e-mails, faxes. f- you to deadlines, to having to live other people's terms, and basically saying you are now on my schedule.
it's quite greeedy really.
it's quite self-centered actualllly.
but if you think about it, i t i s n o t .
travel opens your eyes, opens your mind, opens your heart to everything. opens it to other people
to other cultures
to other possibilities that you may have never known.
if you think about it, it's the opposite of greed, and more of sharing yourself with the w o r l d.
we get so caught up with our everyday lives, or menial yet surmounting problems that we walk around jaded, or maybe overworked that we have no time to absorb our surroundings. w e w o r r y s o m u c h about the future that we forget to
((((live for 2day)))) just think what happens if a bunchofpeoplewalkaroundlikethis?
maybe this is a ssttrreettcchh. maybe this oversimplifies things. but for me, a simple thing like saying hello, i never do when i'm home. when away, i say hello to people on the street at least 30 times a day. WHY IS THAT??
but none of this answers why i travel.
i travel for the **experience** that's the only word i can think of to describes it. everything you read in books, everything you see on tv, everything you see in photographs, always pales in comparison to seeing it for real. all the opinions and stereotypes of people or cultures are always shattered when you meet them in person. so maybe that's why i travel? to understand the world better by meeting it in person and formulating my own opinion. and each time i meet it in person, it has always been a good **experience**..
now don't get me wrong. i'm realistic. all this is bullshit without the means to travel. 2 things we desire or want more of in life but can never seem to get both of at the same time, t i m e and m o n e y, are unfortunadknlately what's needed most of the time to travel. but this is achievable, even though the system is set up against this. you can cut costs while at home . . i mean
do you really need to buy
the latest
piece of
that is going to go out of style in 4 months
and j u s t b a s i c a lly become l a n d f i l l ? ? ? ???
and if you need travel and need money, then hey? get a fucking job.
maybe i'm oversimplifying again, maybe i'm priveleged to have this opportunity (and yes i'm extremely greatful), but the basic gist is to follow your own path (courtesy of the dalai lama and your local buddhist association)

the system is set up for you not to folllowww you r own path. the system is set up for you to be a drone, a cog, in the system, the machine.

ssssooooooooooooooooooooo where the hell am i going with all this?
how the f would i know.
Q: i have yet to answer why i travel????
A: because it's there, that's why.

another load of crap written by yours truly while waiting for my damn bus to chile


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