Tuesday, February 14, 2006

part of the adventure.......or is it?

had one of those hell van rides down the famed ripped patagonian road of ruta 40. it runs down the windswept patagonian isolated vast expanse of nothingness west side of argentina, parallel to the andes. ok, so i've been on enough of these hell rides to know to expect uncomfortable, cramped seats next to a smelly guy from somewhere else, no air conditioning, dusty dirt roads with dust going into the van, 12 hours trapped in claustrophobia, muscular atrophy, blazing hot ozone tearing sun, and even a flat tire to boot (and the replacement tire looked just as bad, bald, and flat as the original tire). but all of this is ok. i'm totally okay with this. it's what you'd expect as part of the adventure.
but what i didn't expect was to hear whitney fucking houston's bodyguard soundtrack blaring on the stereo.....why??!!???!? it's just so wrong. war's have started over whitney houston, especially the 'i'll always love you' nuclear disaster of a song. i can't believe the driver owned this cd...and actually, two nights before, they were playing the same cd in the hostel i was staying at in trevelin. i've lost so much respect for argentines.

ok driver, fine. if you're going to play whitney houston, then i'll be anti-social and not talk to others on the van, and listen to my mp3 player..............................awww bloody hell, i forgot to recharge my mp3 player back in trevelin.......great.......now she's singing 'i'mmmmmmm evvverrrryyyyy woommmaaaaaaaan, etc. etc.'
this has been the absolute low point of my travels.


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