Tuesday, February 21, 2006

and on the third day, thou shalt.......

....finally be able to hike fitzroy and cerro torre in el chalten, patagonia. had to sit around the hostel at el chalten for 2 days waiting for the hurricane like wind and rain to stop. we tried hiking early in the morning the first two days, but got spit out by rain and wind, and couldn't see the 2 main peaks of fitzroy and torre. we did manage to see glaciers and mountain lakes hiking to torre, but not much else. the first day, i had a raincoat on, but no rainpants. my legs were soaked from the pants, to the underwear, to the hairs on my massively muscular legs. i wised up and bought rainpants which came in real handy the next day.
finally on the third day, completely sunny skies and clear weather. we did the task of combining two hikes into one, making for a long 12 hour energy sucking day. but it was well worth it. once i get photos online, you can see hopefully, how massive and impressive monte fitzroy is, and the glaciers around cerro torre. in the meantime, here's a photo i found online of fitzroy here.
anyway, i'm in calafate now, and will be checking out the perito moreno glacier tomorrow which looks like this. it's constantly moving and crashing. then heading to torres del paine next.........chau


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