Friday, February 24, 2006

patagonia skies

little things in life make me happy.
like free internet in the hostel i'm at in puerto natales, chile.
weather is a little spotty. waiting it out before doing the 4-6 day 'w' trek in torres del paine.

i thought it might be important to know that patagonia has the most incredible skies. especially from late afternoon to sunset.
the clouds just seem to hover just above the vast, desolate plain. they are almost flat looking, with amber coated edges. the air is crisp and clear, the scrubbrush plains go on for miles and miles until hitting soaring andes peaks in the distance. when the sun sets, the clouds turn a brilliant burning orange color.
bus rides are great because watching the sky from your window is better than anything on your television.
a little tip. on bus rides in patagonia (if you're riding on the argentine side), always sit on the western side to watch the sunset. you also see incredible andes peaks such as fitzroy and torres del paine. the eastern side is not bad right at sunset when the clouds turn red and the air is clear for photos. even better if you can, sit on the roof on the bus. guaranteed 360 degree spectacular views. or maybe bike the entire route, although you might stop too much to take photos, and not get anywhere distance wise..adios


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