Friday, July 19, 2013

paris part i : tourist shots

by the time i post paris part ii, i would have been here +/- 3 weeks with occasional day and weekend trips out of the city. try to contain your excitement, but those trips will be part of another blog entry. c'est bonne! for now, here's my generic version of paris tourist shots:
view of front façade from the seine
late afternoon lounging. best view of notre dame is from behind if you ask me
bridge of locks
façade detail of holy dudes
stained glass interior shot
typical seine scene: tourist boat, bridges and the notre dame
token eiffel tower shot
token bridge lamp post shot with eiffel tower in background

token arc d'triomphe shot
place de la bastille
skip the louvre, and spend the day in musee d'orsay
jardin du luxembourg
musee rodin
rodin's the thinker
my favorite precious church, sacre coeur in montmartre
with lots of tourists enjoying the view

Thursday, July 11, 2013

not sure if anyone reads this blog anymore.  and why should you since no one ever posts here.  but just in case someone checks in, here's photos from my week in london in no particular order or logic.  enjoy!
flying into london
rainy st. paul's from tate modern

these two last seen at tate britain
these "t's" seen at tate modern
hello ben
tower bridge
one of the guards at buckingham palace actually fell when making a turn.  here he is just getting up and rubbing his bum
multiple dinosaurs
one of london's many parks
i like you too 'friend'