Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oaks Bottom, Up Close

More than a month ago I started hanging out on the roof of an 8-story building. It looks condemned to most passers-by, who see it from the Springwater Corridor commuter path in Portland, Oregon. The building and the commuter path sandwich one of the best urban wildlife areas in the Pacific Northwest, called the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge. I started out spending my free time walking in and around Oaks Bottom. Which is how I ended up on the roof.

The roof of the Portland Memorial Mausoleum is the staging area for ArtFX Murals, a mural painting company from Portland which has started hand-painting the largest mural in North America. Shane and the team at ArtFX will be adding to the stories-tall Great Blue Heron that his father painted in the 1990's.

-Andrew Burke

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