Thursday, June 25, 2009

your passport to the world

According to this church in North Berwick, Scotland, this is your passport to God's Kingdom. I still don't think Kim Jong Il will let you in North Korea though.
This is the greatest giveaway I've ever seen, although the consolation prize if you choose to opt against laser eye surgery is pretty weak. It might be worth it to get the lasik surgery anyway from a pricing standpoint.
He needs no passport nor eye surgery to get around, Dónde está Che Pelotas?

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Friday, June 05, 2009

Woodward Video Production Camp 2009

I'm waiting patiently for more barbecues, outdoor screenings and friends out at Woodward, PA. The barbecue next to the megaramp is especially cool. I think it's the only place in the world where you can grill up some red peppers at the top a giant inflatable snowboard jump. Friday nights are rad due to the outdoor film fest. I put this event on every week for the Video Production campers, right behind The Lodge. Outdoor screenings are great because you get the breeze coming in,  everybody finds a place to sit and the music is blaring. We even have animals come by to watch. So far so good for the Woodward Video Production Camp (AKA: Woodward Academy of Digital Media).

Woodward Video Production Camp instructors: Myself, Ty and Dave post up for Pennsylvania sunset photo in '08. Mmmm, sunsets.

Transmission accomplished,

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