Tuesday, November 27, 1990

Piltriquitron peak

We discovered one of the coolest things on our trip yesterday. Yes, I know I started my last blog entry like this but it has happened again. And this was on the back of our last excursion which was the subject of my last entry. We went back to the refugio to shot a doc about it and this time we climbed the very steep and difficult Piltriquitron peak (7,458 ft.). This was a 6,468 ft. climb over two days. Lots of snow and it is summer here.

Again, the view from our Bed and Breakfast

Alex was the first to reach the peak

It is much scarier up here with cliffs on three sides of us than we make it look

A BIG, BIG thank you to Nacho and rest of the Piltriquitron Refugio (C.A.P) staff

It doesn´t get much better than this