Saturday, December 27, 2008

South African Rednecks?

South African Journal: Day Seventeen – traveled back to Cape Town, about an eight hour drive through fairly monotonous Arizona like landscapes. Mellow night as we were all tired. Sushi & bed.

I listened to some of my 13,823 songs on my 120GB iPod Classic on the trip home and thought of the Afrikaner people. These are descendents of the original Dutch settlers who colonized this area beginning in the mid-1600s. Today, they are considered, at least by the descendants of the British, as rednecks or hicks. The stereotype of an Afrikaners person is an uneducated, Christian fanatic farmer, not too unlike the city folk from Boston or New York City might think of someone living in the Louisiana Bayou. I went into a truck stop shop on the way home run by a family of Afrikaners. The walls were completely covered in hand written messages about Jesus, in both English and Afrikaans. There was a floor to ceiling wooden cross (that could have easily supported a human nailed to it) with a halo of thorns hanging from the cross section.


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