Friday, December 19, 2008

Rhinos and Elephants and Warthogs, oh my

Some people wake up to birds or squirrels outside their window. This is what was outside ours this morning

South African Journal: Day Nine – Woke to three rhinos right outside our accommodations, which is ironically called Rhino House. Meg, Thea and I started the day a 'bit' hung over. Luckily, Miles was ok so he drove us and mom out early to Ado Elephant Park. This is the type of reserve most people see when they come to Africa. Huge tracks of land in which you drive your own vehicle around endlessly trying to see animals. You usually see the big ones. The elephants, the giraffes, etc. Warthogs seem to be all over these parks and are actually a lot of fun to watch, especially the babies. I was most excited to see a dung beetle. Almost thought a mid-sized, tusked elephant was going to push over a car. But over all, the park where we are staying in is much more exciting.

Back at our game park accommodations, we went on an elevated, wooden planked walkway around a bunch of cheetahs who seemed as if they could have easily jumped over the low, electrified, chain linked fence enclosure for an evening snack of human.

We had a pretty mellow night as we were looking at a seven to nine hour drive the next day. Ate leftovers and watched the Italian Job on South African television as we packed.

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