Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mellow Day on the Indian Ocean

Featherbed Nature Reserve overlooking the Heads. Indian Ocean behind us.

South African Journal: Day Six - Rushed morning to get to our boat departing for Featherbed at 10am, everyone but my sister Meg. She needed some 'alone' time, and when Meg needs something, its in everyones best interest that she get it. Family reunions, especially family road trip reunions, often require personal time.

Made the boat for an enjoyable couple of hours in Featherbed Nature Reserve on the tip of the southern part of the Heads (see day 4). Not much wildlife but some beautifully views, a really nice hike and a great restaurant at the end of it.

Fairly relaxed, uneventful day. Bought a FIFA World Cup 2010 baseball cap and sampled the locally brewed beers.

My 5 year old nephew Ben in Featherbed Nature Reserve


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best sign ever!


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