Monday, December 15, 2008

90 degrees at the Beach

Sandstone cliffs bookmark the entrance to the lagoon, called the Heads

A view of the Heads, from the south, from a place called Featherbed

South Africa Journal: Day five - Had a great breakfast at The Heads this morning. The Heads is the narrow entrance to the lagoon, with sandstone cliffs on either side. The tides are deceivingly dangerous, having sunk nearly 50 large vessels. The British Royal Navy once proclaimed this as the most dangerous harbor entrance in the world.

The large 13 sq km lagoon, which is really an estuary, has great white sharks in it though none have munched on humans (yet). Still a bit unnerving when swimming.

Drove about an half hour north to a place called Nature's Reserve in the afternoon. One of the cleanest, empties, most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. Swam in an estuary that had a strong current from the incoming waves with Ben, Meg, Thea and Miles. A lot of fun. Then went on a great hike that took us to an amazing lookout point that was on the Otter Trail. If you look at the cliff in the picture below you will see where we hiked too; the right most point above the cliffs, just over my mothers shoulder. Beautiful country here in South Africa. Really green.

My nephew Ben with my mother at Nature's Reserve


At 9:34 AM, Blogger Van said...

It looks so beautiful there. I'm so jealous. It's snowing and cold in New York.


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