Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Can Get Used To This Life

The farm's alarm clock, aka calves

South African Journal: Day Fourteen – Woke with the sun and cows at 5:15am. I sleep in a windowless room in San Francisco (cheep rent), so I'm not used to the suns rays upon my sleeping head. Gave me time to read Dark Star: From Cairo to Cape Town and work on some of my photos before anyone else woke.

After a breakfast of Weetabix, bran flakes, eggs, bacon and coffee, Maeder took us out into the veld (Afrikaners for the land). He was checking the irrigation system that pumped water from underground wells to his sheep and cattle. They use simple metal windmills and plastic pipes. If it was the USA, I'm sure it would be gas powered pumps. We love our petroleum products.

Green energy, USA take note

Maeder took us out in the bakkie (pronounced bucky). These small pickup trucks with iron piped bars can be seen all over the Karoo.

The Irish Sheep dogs followed the bakke through the Veld

Rolando and Thea on the back of the bakke

Mile's uncle and aunt, Antony and Maggie, came over for Christmas Eve dinner. Very impressive, the dinner that is. Antony is impressive as well. He had just published a book about Zen Buddhism in the South African Karoo. He had studied Zen for three years at a monastery outside of Los Angeles and he and his wife run Zen workshops out of their farm.

Christmas Eve dinner, a good time had by all

Les made a special vegetarian plate for me with some of the best avocado and mango I have tasted. Coming from someone from Northern California, that is a rave. Much good food, drink and conversation had by all.

Avocados and Mango, doesn't get much better than that


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