Thursday, May 01, 2008

Photo Heavy Last Couple Weeks in Morocco Without Much Text Except in Title of Entry

here's photos from the last 2 weeks in morocco. i think last year's photos were better (go here to judge for yourself). i'm back in spain now and will be here till mid-july. blah blah blah blah blee blah blah, can't think of anything to write. here be them photos i promised:
sunset photo in assilah while a skinny guy who looked like he was tripping was eying my shit
the most splendid gate in all of morocco, bab el-mansour in meknes
moroccan models in front of bab el-mansour. they follow direction well. here, sit.
and here, stand.
in this game in the plaza, you try to get the ring on the bottle. it´s like spin the bottle, only no kissing since it´s an islamic country. big fun.
acrobat again
some countries are dog countries, like india or most of south america. morocco is definitely cat country.
some people are just born with good style
a big ass mausoleum in the distance at this cemetary in meknes
i walked into this mosque, took a photo, then they kicked me out for not being muslim. what happened to the fourth of the five pillars of islam, charity?
zellig and stonework detail
a really rad door and accoutremants more detail
and even more detail
minaret kissing the sun
i want this courtyard in my house. so peaceful looking
in marrakech, there are these gigantic storks making nests on top of all these ruins and even in some of the minarets.
ceiling is pretty
ceiling is beautiful
renato is running out of ideas to describe this ceiling
stonework detailing in marrakech
it was really really really hot when i took this shot. i found it pointless to try to sell knit hats in 100 degree weather.
my homeboys trying to get their gang sign shit together
ouzzazade falls just outside marrakech. a full on brodeo with an occasional female swimming, albeit fully clothed.
inside the souqs of marrakech
Where there's a will, there's a Che, Dónde está Che Pelotas?

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