Thursday, April 24, 2008

As Allah Wishes

The consumption of alcohol is forbidden according to the Koran. Because of this, I'm convinced that the people in Islamic countries overdose on other vices such as caffeine and sugar. They're connected by IV to coffee drips in cafe's, and consider sugar to be one of the five major food groups.
The sweet section in a souq in the Meknes medinaMy new Moroccan friend introduced me to this glowingly purely highly superduperly concentrated sugar cookie that simultaneously made my arteries hit a traffic jam, my arms felt like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket, and my teeth started to disentegrate like a beach sand castle.
Sweet evil
But despite these minor setbacks, I'm addicted to this confectionary crack, and I'm gonna take another hit. Allah akbah.
He's twice as sweet as sugar and always fat-free, Dónde está Che Pelotas?

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