Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Back on the backpacker trail

After a 10 month leave from call of duty, tomorrow I reinitiate my service in the backpacker brigade, as I head back to Morocco. I´ve enjoyed my week as a civilian in Barcelona, staying with two groups of friends and steering clear of anything resembling tourists or tourism. The last few days have been spent in the barrio of Poble Sec, which is Barcelona's version of the Borough of Queens. There's a healthy mix of immigrants from the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, China, India, Pakistan, etc., as well as there's the neighborhood drunk who sings in the street and gets pelted with trash and eggs by the locals. Life happens in the streets and on the balconies. When I walk out onto my friend's balcony, I'm guaranteed to see at least three old ladies on their own balconies. They look at me. I look at them. And then somehow the world keeps spinning around.
Anyway, here's some photos of everyday life as a civilian in Barcelona.
fresas fresas fresaspescado frescosweet tasteI don't know if this is a problem, but for some reason I like to take photos of laundry drying on building facades. If you followed my blog from my last journey, you'd certainly have to agree.<Did you know that Barcelona is the first city in Europe to start a recycling program? That's what those big yellow and green thingys are at the bottom right of the photo, that are also ruining this shot.An antique door next to the Design School in Barrio Gothic. I want to steal this door for myself'Bicing' is Barcelona's version of a car-share program, but different since it uses bicycles instead of automobiles in case you haven't figured this out yet.<
A bunch of boats with La Barceloneta in the backgroundBarcelona is a port town. Here is the luxury boat portthis bar must be the last stop for a few of my friendsWorse than hell, is what awaits here, Dónde está Che Pelotas?

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