Wednesday, April 02, 2008

some random first thoughts....

random first thoughts on this year's edition of my trip overseas...
  • i hate using the word 'adventure' to describe a trip. it sounds so pretentious or lonely planet-esque/r.e.i. generation.
  • leaving my dog jessie is always the hardest part. and when i'm packing and getting ready the last couple of days before taking off, she gives me this sad look constantly which makes me feel guilty........hmm, i wonder if you left your kids for a trip would they give you a guilt complex.
  • thank you to the people who came out monday night at kilowatt. that was fun...even jessie said so. she was hungover the next day.
  • this last week i was a bit stressed with anxiety because of getting everything ready for the trip, finishing work, cleaning house, saying good bye to friends, etc. etc. because of this stress, i developed a big zit on my nose. but somehow, the day i let for my trip, my zit went away. it's as if my zit knew that it was time to go...for both me and for it the zit.
  • this is the first time that i've started an overseas trip by staying with friends. i'm also starting it where i ended it on last trip from december 05 till last june.
  • sometimes i wonder if travelling is something i just do for a living the same way people go to their jobs everyday. .....make money...enjoy life.....make money....enjoy life.......there's got to be a balance in their somewhere.
  • new airports look more sterile than some hospitals i've been to.
  • this one is for the fellas: the female flight attendants are smoking hot. for the ladies: i have no opinion of the dude flight attendants.
  • five months goes really fast and i'll be home before you can whistle dixie.
the first photo of this years trip. redeye sunrise over the english channel on air france flight 83 to my connection in paris en route to barcelona where i'm sitting right now.
He's smoking hot to both the ladies and the gents, Dónde está Che Pelotas?

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