Sunday, April 20, 2008

asilah update

so after a week in chefchaouen, i've finally moved on. it rained here the last 2 days and i couldn't be bothered to the people watching in the plaza was too good, and many games of cribbage couldn't pull me away (thanks katie, jenais and casey).
a rare break in the sun during my last few days in chefchaouena goat with it's master
i'm now in the coastal town of asilah which also has blue doors just like chefchaouen.
another blue door in a different townit's a pretty coastal town with white washed walled buildings inside a medina originally built by the portugese. it's the off-season, so not too many tourists, but a lot of kids playing annoyingly loud video games at this internet cafe.
this guy is almost as big as this carthe tilework on this fountain is neatwhite washed alleys in the medinaa pretty white minaret at a mosque in asilah. don't let it's innocent look fool you. the 5 or 6 prayer calls a day, and especially the sunrise call, and that nasty 3 am chant has been wrecking my beauty sleep.the sunsets on the medina walls along the atlantic coastwhite walls are purtyasilah is also an artsy town with a few art festivals happening here during the year. some of the medina walls have artwork painted on them...although a lot of them are pretty bad. but then again, i'm an art snob covering my own artistic insecurity by crapping on their work.
the a love you art wallthis dude is shutting the window to show off participatory artyeah i know, this wasn't one of my better entries. but even michael jordan had an off night every once in awhile.
he never has an off night, Dónde está Che Pelotas?

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